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Looking for a career with ANJA?

We are hiring! See below for a list of our current openings. Every member of the team has aspirations to create safe cannabis commerce. ANJA is not just a dispensary; we are a culture.

ANJA Careers

Available Roles

ANJA is a licensed NJ-certified MBE (Minority-owned Business Enterprise) recreational Cannabis dispensary opening in New Jersey in Fall 2023. We have received our conditional approval from the NJ CRC for a Class 5 Retail license. Given the long and painful history associated with Cannabis in the United States, especially among minorities and people of color, ANJA recognizes the necessity of community values and social justice. In addition to providing amazing service, curated products, and attention to every detail, our goal is to connect with the local community to ensure that ANJA is adding value and going about things the right way. We want to focus on education (risks for minors, benefits and de-stigmatization for adults, including alleviating concerns from parents, teachers, and religious communities) and also social justice (working with current and formerly incarcerated non-violent cannabis offenders to create jobs for them and help with reintroduction back into society).

If you have any questions or would like to contact us, please email hiring@getanja.com.

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