Founder Series: Cannabis, Career, and Progress

David Kang
July 28, 2022

What does progress feel like? 

Throughout my experience & career as an entrepreneur, I’ve learned that progress is not always a calm, planned, and charted course. In fact, most of the time I feel like I’m tumbling downhill facing challenges back to back without a second to breathe. It's only when friends, family, or non-work-related obligations pull me out of my professional universe that I realize that despite this tumbling downward feeling, I am growing, making progress, and moving in the intended direction. I associate this feeling as a way to recognize that I’m in the right place doing the right things. 

Pursuing my passions and my obsession with tumbling, I again found right where I am meant/intended to be: at ANJA. Prior to this adventure, I started a digital growth marketing agency with my partners - a group of 6 young and ambitious personalities. One of these individuals and I discovered a shared experience in the normalization of Cannabis and its effects on our lives. With the recreational use and sales of Cannabis legalized in New Jersey, we saw an opportunity to grow with an emerging industry and dove head first. 

Marketing in the Cannabis Industry provides many challenges, but that’s what makes it exciting. This is not a space or time to rely on best practices; this is a phase of discovery and experimentation. Recreational use is starting to legalize in more and more states across the US, but the Federal Law/Government and large companies (specifically major advertising platforms) have restrictions/regulations that present new challenges to marketers in the space. I joined ANJA to introduce/reintroduce Cannabis to our communities in such a way that offers others the resources to provide wellness in their lives. 

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