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ANJA Presents: How to Make a Pumpkin Bong

Ashley Robins
October 31, 2022

Happy Halloween!

Recently, ANJA received its state conditional license to open up our recreational dispensary in Highland Park, New Jersey. Given this magically spooky time of the year and this amazing opportunity to begin our dispensary operations, we thought it was only right to celebrate. Even better, you can save the pumpkin seeds for some munchie snacks after.

Today, ANJA Presents: How to Make a Pumpkin Bong.


- What is a Pumpkin Bong?
- What Materials Will I Need?
- How to Make a Pumpkin Bong:
- How to Smoke a Pumpkin Bong:
- What is a Pumpkin Bong?

A pumpkin bong is, well, a combination of a pumpkin and a smoking device. Specifically, it is a hollowed-out pumpkin with three holes. The pumpkin bong will require a hole for the mouthpiece, a fix for the carburetor, and a spot for inhaling the filtered smoke. After a pumpkin is cut, it will usually last about seven to 10 days.

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The mouthpiece is essential for holding your cannabis; you’ll need to ensure that the fit is snug so that your piece pulls well. You’ll also need a carb, which will allow you to control airflow when smoking. A carb also helps regulate temperature, ensuring that your rips are as mighty (or small) as you want.

What Materials Will I Need?

- You will need:
- A Small Pumpkin
- Water
- A Knife
- A Wide Screwdriver
- A Mouthpiece/Bowl piece
- A Downstem (optional)
- Plastic Wrap (optional)
- Permanent Marker (optional)

How to Make a Pumpkin Bong

Step 1: Wash the exterior of your pumpkin
If you want to ensure your hands and clothes don’t get dirty, make sure that your pumpkin is clean through and through. This will come in handy should you choose to decorate the bong later.

Step 2: Cut off the top of your pumpkin
This step is simple and quick; make a straight cut across the top of the pumpkin. Just the tip!

Pumpkin 2

Step 3: Hollow out your pumpkin
Using a large spoon, scrape out the stringy and seedy interior of the pumpkin. It’s better to overscrape than to underscrape.

Pumpkin 3

Step 4: Create your holes
Using a screwdriver, create a hole for your downstem. Tip: wrap your screwdriver in plastic wrap prior to creating the holes to prevent pumpkin juice from making your screwdriver rusty.

Make sure that the downstem/bowl hole is angled, so that your downstem is not completely horizontal. A horizontal downstem means that your bud will fall out of your bowl when you fill it, which is less than ideal. Note: No worries if you do not have a downstem on hand! You can use a bowl piece directly instead, it’ll still work.

Make a small indentation on the side of your pumpkin. Make sure it’s in a position that your finger can easily cover!
Pro tip: If you’re a southpaw, put the hole on the left side of your pumpkin.

Make a simple hole across from your downstem hole. Double-check that you’re simultaneously able to reach the carb while also inhaling from your designated mouth-hole.

Pumpkin 4

Step 5: Place your Downstem in the Pumpkin
Make sure there is a tight seal for your downstem or bowl; if air escapes, you’ll have trouble controlling your airflow.

Pumpkin 5

__Step 6:__ Fill your pumpkin with water and enjoy!

__Bonus:__ Make sure to decorate your pumpkin to make the experience even more memorable.

Pumpkin 6

How to Smoke a Pumpkin Bong

Unfortunately, pumpkins aren’t genetically bred to become bongs. Some adaptation and trial and error are necessary before big rips can occur. Do not despair if you do not get it down immediately!

1. Get ANJA (make sure you have some cannabis on hand!)
2. Fill your bowl with herb
3. Hold the carb with one hand
4. Inhale (strongly) and light your bowl at the same time
5. Release the carb and breathe in the smoke
6. Exhale
7. Enjoy

- Fill the bong with more water if you are having trouble pulling smoke.
- If the carb is not working well, pull the bowl piece out directly.
- Ensure that the top of your pumpkin is securely placed back onto the rest of the pumpkin after you’ve cut it.
- Do not let your water get stale, empty your bong after each session.

And remember; when you have questions, we have ANJA.

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