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ANJA Presents: Our GM's Journey through the Cannabis Industry

Jordan Bruseloff
June 12, 2023

Growing up in a household where cannabis was more accepted than alcohol, I recognize that my upbringing was quite unique compared to most people. My self-described "hippie" parents prioritized open conversations about cannabis, emphasizing intentional use, moderation, and self-education. In contrast, the only "formal" education I received came from D.A.R.E programs, which labeled cannabis as a gateway drug and stigmatized users as "lazy stoners." Cannabis remained taboo in the media, left on the back burner in political discussions, and classified as a Schedule I substance.

As many of us do, I began to experiment with cannabis. After consuming it leisurely, I noticed the trees seemed greener, the music sounded better, and my stressors appeared smaller and more manageable. Gradually, I realized the medical benefits cannabis had for me - falling asleep at night became easier, and my appetite improved as I adopted healthier eating habits.

In 2020, I started my career in cannabis at a medical dispensary in New Jersey. This job provided me with the tools to self-educate and find my voice in the cannabis space. I was fortunate to work alongside qualified pharmacists who prioritized cannabis education, patient care, and ending the stigma. Through numerous counseling sessions, two things became evident: there was a glaring lack of general cannabis education and a persistent, outdated stigma surrounding cannabis.

Fast-forwarding two years, the legalization of adult-use cannabis expanded the range of people joining the conversation. It became apparent that many individuals classified as "recreational users" were also seeking medicinal benefits - they just weren't sure how to approach it!

Today, I continue to be a prominent voice in the cannabis industry. My goal is to ensure that everyone, regardless of their background or experience, has access to product education, feels comfortable talking to their local budtender, and can choose from a variety of quality products.

I joined ANJA to carry on this conversation, engage with our community, and work with a team that values wellness and destigmatizing the plant we know and love today.

You have questions - we have ANJA! We look forward to serving you this summer!

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