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ANJA Presents: Comparing Apples to Cannabis

Ashley Robins
December 05, 2022

Picture this: you’re at a farmer’s market on a beautiful morning. In front of you are two stalls- both selling apples. 

Upon a closer look, you begin to notice that one booth is offering the juiciest, most glistening apples you have ever seen. The other booth has decent-looking apples, but they don’t really stand out as exceptional. Still, the second booth is a little bit cheaper than the first booth.

You decide to give both booths a chance. Never judge a book by its cover, right? Maybe the second booth just has bad marketing, or maybe the apples are just as tasty. To solve this mystery, you decide to ask the booths some questions.

  • “When were the apples harvested?”

  • “How were the apples grown?”

  • “Where were the apples grown?”

  • “What type of apples are available?” 

  • “Are there any pesticides or chemicals used on my apples?”

  • “Are there quality checks to ensure that the apples are safe for consumption?”

As you ask the vendors these questions, you begin to notice a pattern. The first booth- the one with the glistening apples- has the ability to answer all of your questions. If you go with this vendor, you can walk away with the confidence that your apples are locally grown, fresh, and free of pesticides and harmful chemicals.

With the other vendor, he assures you that these are indeed the best apples on the market, and that they are cheaper than any other vendor’s apples. When you begin to ask him for specifics, however, he begins to completely shut down and avoid the question. It turns out that this vendor is not licensed, does not have information on how the apples were grown, does not have information regarding any safety or quality issues for the apples, and doesn’t even know if the type of apple he’s offering you is truly that breed of apple. Your “Granny Smith Apple” may be a Rhode Island Greening Apple, and you may walk away never knowing you bought the wrong thing.

The second vendor isn’t a bad person for trying to sell you his apples; for a long time, New Jersey was reliant on apple vendors like him. The fact of the matter is that New Jersey has now legalized apple consumption and licensed apple vendors are opening up shop- offering better and safer products to the public. 

Hopefully, you understand that apples are a metaphor for cannabis in this circumstance. When you buy any agricultural product, there are key things that should be considered before you consume it. Now that cannabis is legal, it makes sense that you should seek out the safest, highest-quality product available. 

ANJA is proud to offer cannabis with a track record; when you purchase cannabis from a licensed dispensary, you ensure that the product you are consuming is safe from heavy metals, pesticides, molds, pests, and human tampering. Wellness cannot occur without the conscious effort to consume safe products.

Get ANJA. Get Well.

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