ANJA Presents: ANJA FEST 2023 - an event recap!

Ashley Robins
May 01, 2023

Hello again, ANJA family!

ANJA Fest has come and gone, but the memories and good vibes remain. We want to thank everyone who joined us on April 22nd for our ultimate 420 celebration. It was a day filled with community, creativity, and of course, plenty of cannabis appreciation! Let's take a stroll down memory lane and recap the fantastic day we had at 225 Woodbridge Ave, Highland Park NJ.


🌿 Fun, Community, and Cannabis 🌿

ANJA Fest brought together an incredible crowd of like-minded herb enthusiasts, all eager to celebrate the wonderful world of cannabis. The day was jam-packed with activities designed to engage and entertain everyone. From bong cleaning and tie-dye stations to plant potting, painting, and trivia, there was truly something for everyone.

ANJA FEST crowd2

The energy was electric, with people dancing to live music performances and satisfying their munchies with a delicious selection of food vendors. Our dirtiest bong contest, joint rolling contest, and ongoing cannabis trivia were a hit, with participants showing off their skills and knowledge to win some amazing prizes!

✨ Bong Cleaning Station Success ✨

Our bong-cleaning station was a massive hit! Many of you brought your cherished bongs and pipes, and we were delighted to help you scrub away those stubborn resin stains. The Cleanest Bong Showcase Contest was a fierce competition, with some impressive pieces on display. Congratulations to the winners who took home the title and some ANJA swag!

bong cleaning

🌈 Tie Dye Creations 🌈

The tie-dye station was a colorful explosion of creativity! Participants showed off their artistic skills by designing their own psychedelic masterpieces. It was fantastic to see the variety of patterns and colors on display, and we can only hope that the washing of your shirt didn't cause any chaos. Ava, if you’re out there, thank you for being a volunteer and sharing your talent with both the staff and the participants!


🎨 Plant Potting and Painting 🎨

At the Plant & Paint sessions, attendees unleashed their inner green thumb and artistic flair. With lavender seeds, soil, and paint provided, everyone had the chance to create their own unique potted plant and custom-painted design. We're sure these new purple friends have found happy homes!

plant potting

🍴 Food Vendors Delight 🍴

The food vendors at ANJA Fest did not disappoint! With Be B.I.O .and Latin Bites serving up mouthwatering treats, there was something to satisfy every craving. Thank you to our fantastic vendors for keeping our bellies full and our taste buds dancing!

latin bites food truck

🎶 Live Music Performances 🎶

The tunes of Rugburn, our surprise guest (IYKYK), and Malcolm Bceo's DJ set at 4:20 pm created the perfect soundtrack for our celebration. The music had everyone grooving and enjoying the day to the fullest. Thank you to our talented performers for bringing the beats and good vibes!

live music (rugburn)

🧠 Cannabis Trivia 🧠

Our Cannabis Trivia sessions were a hit, with many of you showcasing your impressive knowledge of cannabis history, culture, and science. The friendly competition led to some fantastic prizes and well-earned bragging rights. Well done, trivia masters!

Cannabis triva

🤝 Meeting the ANJA Team 🤝

The ANJA team had a blast meeting all of you during the event! We connected with our community, answered questions, and shared our passion for cannabis. As we prepare for our grand opening later this year, the support and enthusiasm from all of you have been truly inspiring. Thank you for coming to say "high" and making unforgettable memories with us!


🌿 A Celebration to Remember 🌿

ANJA Fest was a day filled with fun, community and a shared love for cannabis. From the wide range of activities to the delicious food, fantastic company, and the opportunity to connect with the ANJA team, we couldn't have asked for a better celebration. Your enthusiasm and positive energy made the event truly unforgettable.

We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who attended and participated in ANJA Fest. Your support means the world to us, and we can't wait to continue growing and sharing our passion for cannabis with all of you.

As we prepare for our grand opening later this year, we hope to see many familiar faces and welcome new ones into our ANJA family. We're excited about what the future holds, and we're confident that it's going to be a thrilling journey.

Stay tuned for more updates and future events from the ANJA team by signing up for our newsletter! Once again, thank you for making ANJA Fest a day to remember. Here's to many more celebrations of fun, community, and cannabis spirit! 🌿🎉💚

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