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ANJA Presents: A Sneak Peak Behind ANJA's Construction

Ashley Robins
July 31, 2023

Our Vision

Hey there, wonderful neighbors!

We're buzzing with some news that's set to ignite a wave of wellness across Highland Park, New Brunswick, and the surrounding central New Jersey areas. We're ecstatic to announce that our trailblazing cannabis dispensary, ANJA, is currently under construction and will soon be ready to serve our community. We will initially open with delivery and pickup options, and once construction is fully complete, we will also offer in-store retail experiences.

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Our vision for ANJA is to be a pioneer in the cannabis industry, offering top-notch products in an environment that ensures an unparalleled self-discovery experience for our customers. ANJA was born out of a deep-seated purpose - to demystify the plant, emphasize its recreational and wellness properties, while also acknowledging the need for more scientific research, education, and responsible consumption behaviors in regards to the plant.

Our Growth, Community Commitment, and Core Values

Our site is humming with activity as teams work diligently to create a space that mirrors our values of comfort, inclusivity, and community. We're transforming our corner of the neighborhood into a sanctuary where curiosity is fostered, and wellness is celebrated. ANJA is deeply committed to being a positive force in our community. 

At the heart of our vision is the desire for cannabis to become a highly valued and accessible product, with safety ingrained in the culture of use. We pledge to provide a safe and engaging environment for all, and we're thrilled to bring new job opportunities to our vibrant neighborhood. 

Get ANJA and Countdown to Connection

We're incredibly proud to be the first licensed dispensary to open in Highland Park, NJ. At ANJA, we're about more than just transactions - we're about cultivating a journey of discovery. Our friendly, knowledgeable team will assist you in navigating our extensive selection of top-tier cannabis products, whether your preference is flower, edibles, topicals, or something else.

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The anticipation is building as we get closer to opening our doors! We're eager to share more about our progress, our fantastic range of products, and the unique experiences that await you at ANJA.

Celebrate With Us, Stay in Touch, and Join Our Community

When our grand opening day arrives, we want all of you - our neighbors, our friends - to be part of the celebration. Look forward to a day of fun, special deals, giveaways, and above all, community connection. Stay in the loop with all the exciting developments at ANJA by signing up for our newsletter. You'll receive exclusive previews, early-bird offers, and an invitation to our grand opening. 


Highland Park: the countdown to your neighborhood cannabis dispensary, ANJA, has officially begun. We're thrilled to bring you a space that's so much more than a store - it's a place of learning, growth, and community. Here's to a new era of wellness in our community! Help us spread the joy! Share the news among your friends and neighbors that ANJA, Highland Park's first-ever cannabis dispensary, is on its way.

What Can You Do While You Wait?

Take the ANJA Persona Quiz: 

This is not just a quiz—it's a unique tool designed to help you uncover your individual cannabis habits and preferences, and translate this newfound understanding into a more tailored, satisfying, and beneficial cannabis experience. The quiz is divided into three main sections—your familiarity with cannabis, your reasons for using it, and your social preferences around consumption. By the end of the quiz, you'll have a clearer view of how acquainted you are with cannabis and how that shapes your unique persona. Ready to embark on this journey within and optimize your cannabis experience? Take the quiz today!

Still on the fence about the quiz, or want to learn more about how it was made? Check out our blog post for more information!

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ANJA is a licensed NJ-certified MBE (Minority-owned Business Enterprise) recreational Cannabis dispensary opening in New Jersey in Fall 2023. We're committed to community values and social justice. In addition to providing amazing service, curated products, and attention to every detail, our goal is to connect with the local community to ensure that ANJA is adding value and going about things the right way. We're currently hiring and would love to hear from you if you're interested in joining our team. For more information, visit our careers page or email us at

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